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State of The Science Firearms Training

Martial Arms offers serious students state of the science firearms instruction. Private individuals and groups, law enforcement, tactical teams, and military personnel will all benefit from these tactics and techniques. Defensive and tactical training is a martial art far too important to be taught by amateurs.

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Handgun Training

Martial Arms teaches the modern technique of the handgun. Like Asian martial arts the student may, if they choose, work their way through "belt" levels; white, brown, black, and beyond. Lectures, dry practice, live fire techniques, and decision making exercises are all part of the curriculum

Rifle Training

Rifle courses are geared to the disciplined of practical rifle, precision rifle, and hunting rifle. Don's experience in the military, competition and dangerous game hunting combine to provide the student a real word perspective

Active Shooter Training

Martial Arms has taught many law enforcement agencies and citizens the aspects of defending others against an active shooter. Don was actually involved in a "worst case" situation is a foreign country, and was able to walk away, which certainly adds to his perspective.

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