"I have been taking his (Don's) classes for the last ten years.  His training is unsurpassed, and his service to this nation is equaled by few."

- B.C.

"Don has an epic resume."

- J.D.

"I have used handguns regularly in the Military, but I've learned more in half an hour with him than in my 6 years of training. His expertise and friendly nature makes his classes the most effective I've ever seen - even if you've never touched a weapon before or use it daily on the job, this is the instructor for you. I've never felt more confident in my abilities to use my weapon, and knowing WHEN to shoot. I will take his lessons to heart during my deployment to Iraq."
-J.S., SSGT, U.S. Army, Iraq

"Thank you for presenting in terms even the beginner can understand, and be comfortable with. You were wonderful."
-J.S., Florida Sheriffs Deputy

"His knowledge, expertise, and personality were remarkable for someone ranked as highly as he is in the shooting field. I will attend further courses."
-M.W.,CA-20yr CCW holder.

"I wish to thank Don for the training. To be truly skilled in the use of the weapon, one must be trained properly from a certified master."

"I have practiced law for many years, been through basic training in the military, and been hunting most of all my life. However I learned more about how, where, and when to use firearms in your class than all of that put together."
-R.Y. ,CA, Attorney

"It has also become very clear to all of us in the class what a good instructor you are and how expert you are with a handgun. You have left us all wondering how good someone can really be with a handgun and wanting to continue in your classes to find out. In short, you are clearly the "master who sees all" and thank you for a great opportunity."
-G.M. Medical Doctor.

"His abilities to present instruction on all aspect of firearms was remarkable. Mr. busse exhibited the highest level of instructional merit including knowledge skills and abilities. He has a long and extensive background in many disciplines related to firearms. This was a valuable course in which everyone appreciated."

"Don has a great range facility that is well maintained and suited to a wide variety of classes. I have found Don's teaching skills far superior to other instructors and I liked his sense of humor."
-M.H. Retired Deputy Sheriff

"Thank you again for the the training. I had a blast and learned a lot. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated the lack of 'snobbery'. When i was looking for the place to train at many people I contacted had resume less than half as impressive as your's, but acted like I needed to prove I was good enough to train with them. If anything your background should allow you to be that selective, but you were the most open, friendly, and informative instructor I came across. The experience was great! I will definitely be in contact about rifle classes."